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Alaska Bush Safari Adventures - Client Testimonials

"Joe Darminio was our pilot and guide for an incredible adventure as we circumnavigated all of Alaska that few people will ever see. Joe's knowledge of secret locations had us walking alone and up close among dozens of huge grizzlies, visiting remote time-warped Inuit villages, staying in amazing fly-in-only wilderness luxury lodges that overlooked thousands of migrating caribou, and cresting countless spectacular mountain peaks, gigantic ancient glaciers, whale-filled emerald bays and breathtaking waterfalls. Throughout it all, Joe was the consummate professional with just the right amount of humor and respect. His piloting skills and concern for safety were constant as we took off and landed smoothly on narrow streams, remote inlets and tiny ponds. We have traveled and lived all over the world and this was as good as it gets"

George and Ellen Wikle
Moss Beach, California

"My wife and I, and two other couples booked a flight trip around Alaska three and a half years ago. That is when I first met Joe. We flew about 5000 miles in 7 days and gained a total confidence in Joe's flying skills and his vast knowledge of the state of Alaska. Joe impressed all of us with his professionalism and his concern to accommodate our wishes to 'see it all;. Wow!......we did. We saw and did things that no one else offers. Just one example, Joe took us to a lake where we landed and gathered pockets full of agates. We wanted to se bears. Joe flew us to a river where we saw and walked among 500 to 600 bears in about 2 hours. The river was completely packed with sockeye salmon. the bears were full of salmon and the sea gulls were trying to eat the fish scraps and the bear cubs were trying to eat the sea gulls. Unbelievable. I've got over 2000 photos and over 20 hours of video from flying with Joe. The list goes on. However, most important to all of us was the ability of our pilot. Joe is one of the best and safest pilots I've ever flown with and undoubtedly one of Alaska's best pilots. I had an opportunity to fly with him from Half Moon Bay Airport (25 miles south of San Francisco) to Alaska last June, in his Cessna 180 equipped with tundra tires (large tires for landing in the tundra or sand). It took us 2 days to get to Anchorage. That trip was spectacular in itself. We then flew around Alaska for 2 weeks doing a photo shoot. We landed more on beaches and the tundra than on airstrips. I've got photos of hundreds of glaciers, many volcanoes, snow covered mountains, beautiful lakes and valleys. God, I love Alaska! I have such faith in his flying skills that I could sleep in the plane with him at the controls, except for the fact that there is so much to see! And he constantly tells you what you are flying over. Joe has been instrumental in further developing my love for Alaska. I hope you choose to fly with Joe. But be prepared to make a friend for life. I did. You'll not find a more competent pilot. P.S. You'd better book your trip with Joe soon, before he becomes famous. I'm going to write a book about him. " Collin Tiura - Montera, California

Collin Tiura
Montera, CA

"In 1994 my husband and I took our first trip to Alaska, which is a thrill in itself, but our fishing trip with Joe was the thrill of a lifetime. Our first full day there, Joe took my husband to the Uganik River to fish. He came back elated and with the limit of salmon allowed and also with exciting stories about the bears they had seen right along the river where they were fishing. His excitement was contagious and the next day I went with them. In that one trip 3 of my lifetime dreams were met. We traveled by seaplane (1 dream); after landing on the lake we rafted down the Uganik River (dream 2); we fished for salmon (dream 3) and I caught a prize winning salmon that give me such a fight that Joe had to help me reel it in.

I have fished in many places such as the Atlantic Ocean, the Delaware Bay, the Chesapeake Bay and the White and Buffalo Rivers in Arkansas. and no trip has equaled the fishing trips taken with Joe. We have taken other trips with Joe and in addition to being an excellent fishing guide, Joe has shown a great knowledge regarding exciting places to visit in Alaska. He has shared this knowledge with us which makes being with him even more exciting. In addition he has a great sense of humor and makes things fun in addition to being exciting. We look forward to any time that we can spend with Joe."

Joyce Peek
Norfork, Arkansas


"We went on our Alaska adventure trip just one month after we had returned from a luxurious vacation on a cruise ship in Tahiti. I was still savoring the beauty and relaxation of that vacation when I found out we were going to be flying around Alaska all day every day for a week, and I wasn't too sure about it. My skepticism quickly disappeared on the first day when Joe landed beside a glacier and we all got out to have a look, standing of the floats. It was just as beautiful (if not more) than the waters we saw in Tahiti. I came to feel that as long as I could see even a small puddle on the ground, I knew Joe could land safely and I really enjoyed the trip."

Carol Tiura
Montera, CA

"Joe listens to what the client wants and then tailors an itinerary from there. The scenery was beautiful and Joe was all that you could ask for in a guide. He was on time, polite, attentive to our needs and knowledgeable of what the different areas had to offer. I Guess one of the most important things to us was that he seemed to truly enjoy sharing his knowledge and love of the land. The plane was clean, well maintained and had all of the necessary radios, navigation and safety equipment. It didn't take us long to realize that Joe was a skilled pilot and that safety was the number one concern. We felt totally comfortable traveling by plane with Alaska Bush Safari. It was a trip that we will always remember and we hope to return soon."

Doug & Gail Smith
Dallas , TX


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