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Alaska Information for Visitors, Travelers, Vacations and Tours

Alaskan National Parks:

Katmai National Park and Preserve is located at the head of the Alaska Peninsula approximately 290 air miles southwest of Anchorage. It includes over 4 million acres of land and water and is roughly bounded by Shelikof Strait to the east, the Lake Iliamna watershed to the north, the Bristol Bay coastal plain to the west, and the Becharof Lake watershed to the south.

Home of majestic Mount McKinley, Denali was originally established to protect its large mammals. Denali exemplifies interior Alaska's character as one of the world's last great frontiers for wilderness adventure. It remains largely wild and unspoiled, as the Athabascans knew it.

Kenai Fjord
The Alaska National Interest Lands Act of 1980 created Kenai Fjords National Park. Humans have had little lasting impact on this environment, although the park includes a few Native American archeological sites and isolated gold extraction locations. The park's overwhelming significance is as a living laboratory of change. Plants and wildlife subsist here amidst dynamic interactions of water, ice and a glacier-carved landscape relentlessly pulled down by the Earth's crustal movements.

Wrangell St. Elias
This park and preserve is one of the most accessible in the Alaska Region. The Alaska Highway and the Richardson Highway provide road access to the north and west boundaries of the park while the Glenn Highway provides access from Anchorage. The western boundary roughly follows the Copper River and the eastern boundary is the international border. The far southeastern boundary stretches to the Malaspina Forelands and Yakutat Bay of the Gulf of Alaska.

Lake Clark
The wilderness that comprises Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is a composite of ecosystems representative of many diverse regions throughout Alaska. Covering four million acres, the spectacular scenery stretches from the shores of Cook Inlet, across the Chigmit Mountains, to the tundra covered hills of the western interior. The Chigmits, where the Alaska and Aleutian Ranges meet, are an awesome, jagged array of mountains and glaciers which include two active volcanoes, Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Iliamna.


National Weather Service Alaska Region Headquarters
Headquarters for the Alaska Region, provides regional forecasts and warnings and contacts to Alaska forecast offices.

Alaska Government Sites:

Alaska Department of Natural resources
Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation


Culture and History:

The Alaska Native Heritage Center
A gathering place that celebrates, perpetuates and shares Alaska Native cultures. Since opening in 1999, the Center has become Alaska's premier interactive cultural destination.

Alaska Natural History Association The Alaska Natural History Association is your connection to Alaska's national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests, state parks, and other public lands.

Alaska State Museum
The Alaska State Museum has been the official repository of Alaska's history since 1900. The permanent exhibits include ethnographic galleries on Alaska's Native peoples ­ from the Aleuts' baskets of woven grass to the Eskimo's boats


Alaska Air Commercial Airline
For more than 70 years, Alaska Airlines and its people have been guided through thick and thin by a shared commitment to integrity, caring, resourcefulness, professionalism and spirit. Especially spirit - an Alaskan spirit, born in the land the airline is named after - a place where "can-do" and "neighbor-helping-neighbor" are facts of life.

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