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About Alaska Bush Safari Company

Joe ( at right ) on another successful Alaskan Fishing Adventure with a satisfied client.

Our Philosophy:

Alaska Bush Safari Company’s adventure trips exclusively to clients that prefer to get off the “beaten” path. We take guests across the magnificent state of Alaska to visit remote wilderness areas, isolated villages and secluded lodges. We offer the opportunity for you to see the real Alaska and it’s inhabitants, far from where the tour buses unload or the cruise ships dock. All of our trips include planned itineraries and include adventurous, interesting and exciting activities. Accommodations and meals at remote lodges and B&B’s are prearranged for you. Transportation would be by a float or wheel equipped aircraft and flown by an experienced pilot.

Because each trip is customized to fulfill our client’s individual desires, we like to personally discuss the trip, your expectations, activities of interest, duration, and adventure level before quoting any prices. Interaction with the client, we believe, is vital in ensuring your satisfaction. It’s your trip and we want you to get the most for your money. Once we determine a mutually agreeable itinerary, ABS Co. will quote the trip. Once you book your Alaska Bush Safari Co. adventure you can relax and be assured your transportation, meals, lodging and activities are arranged and will be delivered at the highest level of quality possible.

Whether it’s landing in a remote crater lake inside a volcano, catching a record rainbow trout, witnessing brown bear feasting on wild salmon, or experiencing the beauty of Denali National Park there is no limit to your Alaskan adventure. You dream it, we’ll provide it.


Joseph Darminio
Owner, Pilot/guide
Alaska Bush Safari Company

Joe Darminio: Chief Pilot and Adventure Guide

Joe has been involved in the adventure tourism industry for over a decade and has extensive experience flying throughout Alaska. He has logged thousands of hours of flying time, most of it in Alaska. He holds FAA certificates for Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine Land, Single-Engine Land and Single-Engine Sea, and a Coast Guard licensed boat operator as well as a Certified Flight Instructor. From the early 1990's Joe has lived a life of adventure working as a rafting guide, air taxi pilot, a commercial fish spotter, and professional fishing guide/pilot for the most exclusive lodges in Alaska.

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